Monday, May 26, 2008

Peer Assessment (Mohammed)

This wikispace needs to get many improvements. This is because the wikispace is mostly blank and there isnt that much information posted on it. There should have been at least a background color and different font at this stage. The wikispace should get edited and have more information added. The wikispace doesnt really include information about himself. It only has the rubric which we had done in the beginning of IT classes. This shows that the wikispace planning is not that active, and should be done more often. I think he should improve his portfolio by trying to add in more information every IT class so that it helps him success, and complete his digital portfolio. As I can see, the portfolio does not have that many strengths, but it has too many weaknesses. The weaknesses it has is that it is way too empty. He needs to at least add more personal information about himself so that the person viewing the portfolio will know whos portfolio it is. The portfolio looks as if it hasnt been accessed for many days. He should also try and add in a video about himself which we have been working on for several weeks. He should also at least add in a design to his digital portfolio so that it doesnt look boring. He can maybe change the color of his font so that the portfolio looks more attractive to view rather than boring and very plain. These are some suggestions that may be helpful for him in the future when he tries to improve his digital portfolio.

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