Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Video

I have finally completed my video, and I have also uploaded it onto Youtube. After uploading it onto youtube, I made sure that I embed it right away onto my wikispaces. I put the video on my About me page, because there is already too much stuff going on, on my front home page. On my home page, I put up pictures of me and my friends, which I thought would be quite inviting for the person exploring my wikispace. The video I made for my wikispace basically has pictures. At the end, I put in a video of my cousins, and my school. I made sure that I could make the video as short as possible so that the viewer wouldn't get bored. If you add in too much information, then the viewer gets very bored at a point.

The video I have on my wikispace is actually the final video. Before that video, I had created another video which I was going to use. However, due to some technical problems, I couldnt use it and I had to start all over with my video. This was very disappointing because after putting in so much effort, I had to start all over and make the video over again. Since I had to make the video over, I changed some stuff about it. For example, I added in more improvements. In the beginning of my video I introduced my self and what I was going to show in the video. This was about 30 sec of talking. I made sure that I didnt talk too much because this could bore the viewer. After showing a clip of myself, I then mainly had pictures throughout my video. I added in many cool effects and transitions which made the video look more attractive and fun to view. I also added in a video of my cousins, which was a funny and memorable moment. I wanted to make sure that I included in some memories in my video. At the end, I had a few short videos clips of the outside of school. I didnt want to put in that many videos of school because the viewer wouldve been bored. I only added in 3, of the outside of school. I also changed the song. I added "Shake" by the Ying Yang Twins, instead of Low by Flo rida, because it was more original.

I made my video on windows movie maker. After making the video I had to publish the movie, so that I could upload it onto Youtube, and then my wikispace. After creating my video I had to upload it onto Youtube. This was the most annoying part because in the beginning it wouldnt let me upload it onto Youtube for some odd reason. I had to upload it a couple of times, and then finally later on it worked. It took quite a long time because there were so many pictures and also video clips in the movie. I am quite happy with what I have produced, and hopefully the viewers will enjoy it!

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