Friday, June 6, 2008

English Reflection

What? - Describe what the work is about. For example, this presentation is about a country and the requirement was .......Make sure you talk about what was expected for this work and what time it took you to complete it. Was it a group project? What input did others ahve to this work?

This work was based on the Shakespeare unit we had. In the Shakespeare unit we studied a book called The Twelfth Night. As we were reading this book, we got many tasks which we had to complete. One of these tasks was to do some contemplation questions almost every weekend. For these contemplation questions, we had to answer the questions given in well written detailed answers. It was required for us to respond in great detail thoroughly. We usually got this work over the weekends, so I made sure I answered to the best of my ability and put in a lot of effort. It usually took up about 1 hour because I made my answers very detailed.

So what? - Now talk about why this piece of work is significant. Is it something you are proud of? Is it something you received a high grade for? Is it something developmental that helped you reach a new level in the subject? In other words why have you chosen THIS artifact for your portfolio?

This work is quite significant because I received full marks on it. It is something I am very proud of because English is one of the subjects that I dont find to be that easy. It requires a lot of work and effort as well. I got full marks on this contemplation, and the other ones as well which I was very happy about because I spent a lot of time on it. It is something developmental as well because it has definitly improved my skills of writing up well written responses. I chose this for my portfolio because it is one of the best pieces of work I have done.

Now what? - Now talk about how doing this work has improved you as a learner in the MYP program. Has it helped you organise your time and work efficiently? Has it demonstrated that you are capable of doing mathematics and so now you have a lot more confidecne than before? What are you now going to do with the new knowledge and skills you have gained from doing this work? How is this moving you along the path of life?

This work has improved me as a learner in the MYP program because it has really improved my writing skills. By doing these questions, I got used to writing up long answers and well written. It has also helped me organize my work well because I made sure that the work was in chronological order and made sense, it was basically like a short essay. I have more confidence than before because I now know that I am capable of answering in well long written answers and receive a good grade on it. I am now going to use these skills in the next essays and long answer questions that I get later on from English, or even any other subject.

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